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Its the music of the motors, the excitement of watching how the drivers handle themselves when they get tapped and pushed to the wall. You had to buy one of

their products to get a ticket to the concert. Earnhardts team had chosen Kevin Harvick a Sprint Cup rookie to replace him, and he won the race by a split second over Jeff Gordon. Atlanta Motor Speedway (formerly Atlanta International Raceway) is a track. Tragedies and Disasters Four drivers and two crew members have been killed during races at the speedwayfar fewer than at other tracks such as Daytona, where more than two dozen have died. Hampton, Georgia, 20 miles (32 km) south of Atlanta. Autographs Check local newspapers, television and. That was a little bit of ambush marketing. It is.54-mile (2.48 km). Our March date is the one people talk about. Fruit of the Loom a competitor sponsored Country Fest as a way to get exposure. For more packages, call the speedway ticket office. It was a moment of exultation. Location, 30 miles south of, atlanta on Highways. After the race Richard Petty commented on the reaction of the fans: "Nobody left. There was so much lousy weather early on that sportswriters called the track the Atlanta International england Rainway.

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